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Cravings Busters

Hypnosis Cravings Busters

If you pay close attention, you'll notice that most cravings last only for a short time even though it may seem like forever at the time. They tend to come on strong, and decrease gradually until they're gone. Most cravings people experience are psychological triggers linked to events in your daily life.

Activities like driving, eating, drinking coffee or alcohol, or simply relaxing can trigger thoughts of smoking for many of us.

Curb cravings as they come, one by one. The most effective way to do that is to interrupt your thought pattern on the spot. Shift gears and do something different for a few minutes. Change your activity, either mentally or physically, and the craving will lose its power and be gone before you know it. Try one of the tips below, or come up with some of your own to suit the situation.

Review your list of reasons to quit smoking

Reading your list is a quick and easy way to remember your priorities for quitting. Take five minutes while you're wishing you could smoke and remember how you felt when you decided to quit. Think about the reasons why you finally took the plunge and stubbed out that last cigarette. Your reasons are just as true now as they were then.

Watch videos on effects of smoking

Remind yourself what smoking really means to you and your body. This negative stimulus can quickly turn you off to that cigarette.

Take a mini vacation

Close your eyes. Create a place in your mind that you can visualize when you need to slow down and relax. It could be a real location or not, but visualize it in detail and make it yours. Go to this place every time you do this exercise so that it becomes familiar and comfortable. As you settle in, start to follow your breathing, and slow it down gradually. Breathe deeply in and out for three to five minutes.

Take a walk

Get up and move. If you can, go outside for a five-minute walk. Do a lap around the block or the building, breathing deeply as you go. A little exercise and a change of scenery helps!

Breathe deeply

Deep breathing provides both a nourishing and a cleansing function for the body. When one actually practices deep breathing on a regular basis, research shows their chances of staying smoke-free for good are increased greatly.

Reach out to your support group

Your friends and loved ones want to support you any way they can. Your doctor can also be a great asset to you in leaving cigarettes behind, and can direct you toward other resources for help.

If you cravings continue coming on strong, consider a hypnosis session to re-train your mind so that it craves healthy habits instead.